Just Go the Fuck to Sleep.

Here is the link in the small chance that you haven't seen this youtube video


Yes it is true.  All of it.  The extra book, bullshit lies about being thirsty, frequent bathroom trips, unable to shut the fuck up, etc etc

They need to write a "Stop saying Mom, for fuck sakes" book, parents with multiple children know exactly what the fuck I am talking about.  Mom Mom Mom Mom Mama Mom MOM MOOOOOM

Till you want scream.  You really do want to.

Listen, I have cooked you supper, washed your clothes, cleaned dog shit off the carpet, washed the dishes, listened to you whine that you are thirsty when your glass of water is 5 feet from your body in your direct line of vision.  So go the fuck to sleep.

I know you are mad at me because I let you play outside instead of calling you in so you can sit down in front of the tv for an hour and watch mindless youtube videos on mindcraft.  Yes, I know you are hungry, why are you asking me what is for supper if you are just going to be upset that it is not what you want again?  You do realize that this is our home, and not a restaurant, where you order shit and it magically ends up in front of you? Not happening, we are poor, eat your fucking soup.

I have been woken up, the dog shitting diarrhea on my bedroom floor at 2am.  By 6 you are in my bed taking my pillows and squirming till I drag my ass out of bed, because there is no hope in hell you will let me sleep 5 more minutes. Breakfast/lunches/getting dressed/wait, you can't get dressed, because you can't find that one shirt out of the 82 that are clean to wear.  So you have to spend 45 productive minutes wondering around playing with the dogs and patting the cats till I tear the house apart to find it/sneakers and jackets and out the door/homework/home from school...

It's been a long fucking day.  After you go to bed, I will be doing homework until I can't.

So please, stop whining, pick your garbage off the floor, limit yourself to 3 "Mom's" a day, and at 8, not 7 because I'm a great mom and letting you play outside in the sunshine past your bedtime, get your buns in the house eat your food without complaining and go the fuck to sleep.

And my children are lovely, sweet children.  I am so very proud.

Mama just needs to go the fuck to sleep.

Terri xo


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